Blendfeel Rosé - Shortfill 10+ 20 mL 10 mL flavor
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Rosé - Shortfill 10+ 20 mL

Triple concentration aroma for 10+20 split system, diluted with 20 mL of pure or pre-mixed PG or VG in 10 mL BIY or ZERO bases.

No minimum order for resellers

Note: the unit price of the product is calculated according to the sum of the pieces of the individual product variants.

Accessori da avere assolutamente

50 VG 50 PG con ZERO (20mL)

50 VG 50 PG NO NICOTINA (20 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINA 1,33 mg/mL (20 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINA 2,66 mg/mL (20 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINA 4 mg/mL (20 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINA 6 mg/mL (20 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINA 8,67 mg/mL (20 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINA 12 mg/mL (20 ml)

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There is no doubt that champagne has always had an evocative sense and with it the rose. Here comes Rosè a mischievous liquid with a bold taste made bold by a note of lime.

Main aromas: Champagne, rose, lime

Data sheet

90 mm
30 mm
30 mm
27 g
Data sheet
Product type
Triple concentration aroma
Aroma type
Synthetic single-flavour flavour
Bottle material
Transparent PET, dispenser, Child Proof black cap
Bottle content mL
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Head atomizers, regenerable atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers, pods, drippers

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