SOLO - long fill 20+40

SOLO which means Simply Organic Lasting Over is the result of extensive research at Blendfeel Lab. The goal was to produce organic flavours with organoleptic characteristics comparable to traditional flavours but that could reduce as much as possible the phenomena of deterioration of the coils making them usable in an absolutely long-lasting way also in non-regenerable systems and PODs. But their use will fully gratify lovers of high-performance regenerative atomisers by allowing them to enjoy the more complex nuances lavished by these extracts.

SOLO when we were convinced that this goal had been achieved we presented this product to the international market.

SOLO is amazing for its aromatic charge and completeness of flavour as well as its unusually long life at a high aromatic level in any vape system.

The production of the flavour is very good.

The production of the aroma starts with the tobacco leaves that we have selected over the years, dedicating to each cultivar a specific treatment and processing that has allowed us to enhance it, obtaining the maximum aromatic expression.

More extraction and purification techniques have been used than we ever thought possible, but above all it was the modifications to the production equipment normally used that made the difference. The extreme engineering of the extraction process has always been our way of approaching extraction processes, SOLO is the translation of know-how acquired through years of study and experimentation.

All that remains to be done is to taste the flavour of our products.

All that remains is to enjoy SOLO at any time of the day, both in the most frenetic moments and in those in which you can afford a meditative vape that paraphrases the SLOWVAPE concept coined years ago and that with SOLO finds further characterization and development.

SOLO are Organic Flavours for Compounds, often referred to as triple concentration, are less concentrated than traditional 10ml flavours. In the 20+40 proposal the 60ml bottle contains 20ml of aroma with a concentration designed to prepare 60 mL in total. It should therefore be topped up with 40ml of neutral base with or without nicotine according to your preference. By compounding the ready to vape liquid it is possible to obtain a nicotine concentration level of up to 12 mg/mL with the BIY bases or up to Force 8 using the PG ZERO base booster. The composition of the mixture obtained usually ranges from 50/50 to 70/30. These blends do not require any particular maturation time as the aroma is well prediluted in the glycol part which is precisely the solvent normally used.