TPD - fruity CLASSIC

Lee Q
Lee Q TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Lee Q licorice, delicately sweet and then gradually a crescendo of bitterness… Aromatic, seductive and intense: it is the flavor of Lee Q, a real licorice stick with a full and decisive spicy taste.
Mosca TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Mosca has a sweet and mellow taste obtained from the combination of the sinful flavor of sambuca and a touch of coffee. Waiter? A sambuca with mosca thanks!(sambuca and coffee, with a coffee bean in the cocktail that resembles a "fly" is a typically Italian cocktail)
Simpatie TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Simpatie is the perfect infusion between the freshness of Piedmontese mint and the intense and spicy flavor of licorice. On inhalation, a pleasant sensation of freshness invests the palate, enriching itself with a touch of sweet and delicate licorice accompanied by a harmonious caramel on exhalation.