TPD - tobacco SWEET

Blonde 10 mL TPD ready eliquid with nicotine. Blonde is a real tasting tobacco. Its aromatic notes of Havana cigar surround themselves with intense shades of the finest American tobaccos. They give life to a harmonious and complex liquid for an unforgettable vape. Full-bodied, sincere and aromatic.
Gold Tobac
Gold Tobac TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Gold Tobac is a blond tobacco, the blond par excellence. Virginia tobacco with its sun-dried leaves has an intense and penetrating flavor but also distinctly sweet and aromatic. Its sweet sugary notes are unique and unmistakable. Impossible not to fall in love with it.
Marby TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Marby is a delicate tobacco that enchants the palate for its gentle and soft being. It has a velvety body with herbaceous and fragrant notes that combine perfectly with a slight almond nuance. A touch of irresistible sophistication.
Taaac TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Have you ever tried the sweet taste of a tobacco flavored? Taaac is a tobacco in which the tobacco ingredient blends perfectly with a pleasant coconut scent and rests on a soft and fragrant biscuit base. A new tobacco experience, enveloping and overwhelming.