Melita TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Melita contains all the lively fragrance of a rich and pulpy green apple in a fruity liquid with a fresh and refreshing taste. Your palate will be tickled by its pleasantly sour taste. Bewitching, penetrating and tireless.
Lee Q
Lee Q TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Lee Q licorice, delicately sweet and then gradually a crescendo of bitterness… Aromatic, seductive and intense: it is the flavor of Lee Q, a real licorice stick with a full and decisive spicy taste.
City TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine.City is a mild tobacco, medium intense and dry, with a light woody background. The presence of Burley, a tobacco famously used in the preparation of traditional cigarettes, gives it a rather linear taste, with pungent notes at the end of the vape.Ideal for those who want to keep the memory and feeling of the analog cigarette.
Mosca TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Mosca has a sweet and mellow taste obtained from the combination of the sinful flavor of sambuca and a touch of coffee. Waiter? A sambuca with mosca thanks!(sambuca and coffee, with a coffee bean in the cocktail that resembles a "fly" is a typically Italian cocktail)
Tabacco 21
Tabacco 21 TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine.Tabacco 21 is a strong and dry tobacco taste suitable for those who prefer a taste of character. His aromatic characteristics give a taste suitable for those who love cigarette taste eliquids. No compromise!
Vanitaly TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine.Vanitaly a warm, sweet and enveloping crumble cake with custard cream, served with caramelized almond topping. This taste will pamper you with fragrant notes of crumbled biscuit and tasty honey pearls.
Gold Tobac
Gold Tobac TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Gold Tobac is a blond tobacco, the blond par excellence. Virginia tobacco with its sun-dried leaves has an intense and penetrating flavor but also distinctly sweet and aromatic. Its sweet sugary notes are unique and unmistakable. Impossible not to fall in love with it.
West TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. The wild and inhospitable lands of the West have forged the character of West, the perfect tobacco product for a no-limits vape. The aromaticity and fragrance of toasted and hazelnut notes intertwine with a dry, woody and deeply intense background. What better to ask of a tobacco product?
Blonde 10 mL TPD ready eliquid with nicotine. Blonde is a real tasting tobacco. Its aromatic notes of Havana cigar surround themselves with intense shades of the finest American tobaccos. They give life to a harmonious and complex liquid for an unforgettable vape. Full-bodied, sincere and aromatic.
Simpatie TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Simpatie is the perfect infusion between the freshness of Piedmontese mint and the intense and spicy flavor of licorice. On inhalation, a pleasant sensation of freshness invests the palate, enriching itself with a touch of sweet and delicate licorice accompanied by a harmonious caramel on exhalation.