TPD - fruity FRUIT

Eclipse TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Eclipse is a fruity with a strong and energetic taste. The characteristic flavor of black currant, intense and slightly sour, is completed with a light background of aromatic herbs, for a lively and intriguing mix. Ideal for lovers of strong and penetrating flavors.
Melita TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Melita contains all the lively fragrance of a rich and pulpy green apple in a fruity liquid with a fresh and refreshing taste. Your palate will be tickled by its pleasantly sour taste. Bewitching, penetrating and tireless.
Smart TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Smart, a pulpy and sweet melon welcomes a tasty cocktail of strawberries, kiwi, papaya and dragon fruit. A lively exotic bouquet embellished with a creamy touch of whipped cream.
Amour TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Falling in love with Amour is easy… Its lively and fresh taste will give you the sensation of tasting a pleasant thirst quenching drink where the natural sweetness of wild strawberries and bananas is enriched by the presence of a light touch of mint and lemon. Ideal for the summer season and suitable for all lovers of the banana taste, pleasantly persistent at the end of the vape.