TPD - 10 mL

The electronic cigarette ready eliquids have the characteristic of a perfect dosage of the ingredients and precision of the level of Nicotine, are indicated for daily vaping in all vaporization systems (electronic cigarettes). These ready 10 mL liquids has been notified to the European portal EU-CEG as prescribed by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). Eliquids have been included in the lists of the Customs Agency (aams) for the purpose of sale in the Italian country. They are also notified to the EU-ECG portal for the following countries: France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain.

The ingredients used for the composition of the product are Glycerin E422 and Propylene glycol selected according to European Pharmacopoeia (EP). In the case of water it contain FU grade. It contains food grade flavorings (food grade). It should be noted that, regardless of the presence of nicotine, these products are not suitable for food consumption. They must therefore be used exclusively as electronic cigarette eliquids. Ready eliquids containing Nicotine should be stored out of the reach of children and animals.

The ready-made liquids for electronic cigarettes Blendfeel do not contain aromas in dosages that can generate negative effects on the body. They have been selected by choosing the most suitable references. Aromas produced by the best flavoring industries. The selection took place having carefully evaluated the dosages and emission levels of toxic substances during heating in the electronic cigarette as required by the TPD. The constancy of the organoleptic characteristics during the heating phase that leads to the vaporization of the liquid was also evaluated.

They must be stored in a dry environment, away from light and heat sources. Even if properly stored it is advisable to use them after opening to avoid oxidation and browning of the product. It is completely normal for ready-made liquids containing nicotine to turn brown over time. This is mainly due to the presence of Nicotine, a alkaloid with the known ability to darken in the presence of air.

We recommend that you consult the package insert before use.

All TPD ready liquids containing Nicotine are forbidden for sale to minors.

Blendfeel Italian eliquids are produced entirely in Italy following the most rigorous procedures and in compliance with current regulations.

Pink Me
Pink Me TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Pink me is a delicious and velvety strawberry yogurt to drink! The voluptuous embrace between an irresistible strawberry and the sweet whiteness of a fresh yogurt enchants from the very first puff. Abandon yourself to the soft pleasure that only Pink Me will be able to give you.
Blonde 10 mL TPD ready eliquid with nicotine. Blonde is a real tasting tobacco. Its aromatic notes of Havana cigar surround themselves with intense shades of the finest American tobaccos. They give life to a harmonious and complex liquid for an unforgettable vape. Full-bodied, sincere and aromatic.
City TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine.City is a mild tobacco, medium intense and dry, with a light woody background. The presence of Burley, a tobacco famously used in the preparation of traditional cigarettes, gives it a rather linear taste, with pungent notes at the end of the vape.Ideal for those who want to keep the memory and feeling of the analog cigarette.
Eclipse TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Eclipse is a fruity with a strong and energetic taste. The characteristic flavor of black currant, intense and slightly sour, is completed with a light background of aromatic herbs, for a lively and intriguing mix. Ideal for lovers of strong and penetrating flavors.
Lee Q
Lee Q TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Lee Q licorice, delicately sweet and then gradually a crescendo of bitterness… Aromatic, seductive and intense: it is the flavor of Lee Q, a real licorice stick with a full and decisive spicy taste.
Micookie TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Micookie, a delicious shortbread biscuit with fresh citrus notes, filled with cream and the finest Chantilly cream. Micookie is garnished with lemon zest and a sprinkle of soft icing sugar.
Mosca TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Mosca has a sweet and mellow taste obtained from the combination of the sinful flavor of sambuca and a touch of coffee. Waiter? A sambuca with mosca thanks!(sambuca and coffee, with a coffee bean in the cocktail that resembles a "fly" is a typically Italian cocktail)
Purple Ice
Purple Ice TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Purple Ice stands out for its Red fruits and menthol, a fresh taste with fruity notes in a present but not overbearing menthol. Taste and freshness are the adjectives that best define it.
Gold Tobac
Gold Tobac TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine. Gold Tobac is a blond tobacco, the blond par excellence. Virginia tobacco with its sun-dried leaves has an intense and penetrating flavor but also distinctly sweet and aromatic. Its sweet sugary notes are unique and unmistakable. Impossible not to fall in love with it.
Vanitaly TPD 10 mL ready eliquid with nicotine.Vanitaly a warm, sweet and enveloping crumble cake with custard cream, served with caramelized almond topping. This taste will pamper you with fragrant notes of crumbled biscuit and tasty honey pearls.